XAL - Oxford, Connecticut

XAL - Oxford, CT
Accurate Refrigeration Design, AWIP, and Starcity-IPS removed
and reinstalled 10,000 Square foot of Horizontal IMP 30 feet long
3" panels. This project was under a tight time frame, as we only had 10
days to complete this project from start to finish. StarCity-IPS did it in 8 days. We used a mini-clad panel lifter from the GGR Group to compete this project early.

Blue Ridge Beverage - Virginia

Blue Ridge Beverage
Blue Ridge Beverage is Virginia's largest full-service beverage distributor.

ARD worked with StarCity* IPS, for this special custom installation.

StarCity IPS Installed 29'-3" 6 inch fire rated panels from metlspan using a clad-Boy lifter. With clams and straps to keep the panels from bending or folding. This is for the high skilled professional to install this Very heavy wool core panels each panel weighed 745 lbs. and there was 6,700 sq ft of this type of fire rated panel.

Hilary's - Lawrence, Kansas

Hilary's - Drink Eat Well, llc

At Hillary's ARD built a freezer 40' x 100' x 20' and cooler
combo to expand there inventory. This project was completed in 3 weeks while Hilary's remained fully operational.

Floor Plan View Floor Plan.
Floor Plan View Ceiling Floor Plan.

Milmar Food Group - Goshen, NY

Milmar Food Group, Inc.

Accurate Refrigeration Design removed a concrete freezer floor in Milmar
Foods Group, when the facility was shut down for Jewish Passover.

We had 9 days to remove and install brand-new freezer floor. The existing freezer floor had been installed incorrectly and was raising the concrete slab in freezer. Due to the existing condensation, the evaporation system they had failed.

Accurate Refrigeration Design removed the existing concrete flooring, as shown in the pictures and designed and installed a new floor with a system that was designed for this type of blast freezer. We installed stainless steel curbs and helped reduce the ice problems by fixing existing panels that were leaking.

This particular job consisted of 3 crews, running 24hours a day to complete. We also made the dead line in the time given for Passover holiday.

Floor Plan View Floor Plan.

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