Capital Candy Co, Inc.Capital Candy Co, Inc. was founded in 1938 by George and Marion Burnes in Montpelier, Vermont. Capital Candy Co. have been serving the region for 4 generations. Their dedicated team is empowered to exceed your every expectation for your retail and merchandising needs. Capital Candy offers diversified sales, marketing, and a logistics network to serve over 3,000 customers. Capital Candy Co, has expanded their existing warehouse with one 100' long x 40' wide' 20' tall walk-in cooler and (one) 70' Long x 75' Wide 30' Tall freezer to better serve their customers/ With a new Loading dock connecting the two buildings.

The all insulated metal panel installation will be done by Accurate Refrigeration Design. This brand new expansion to Capital Candy Co., Accurate Refrigeration Design is proud to work with Connor Construction.