Excellence, Experienced, and Imaginative

For well over 25 years the owner and president of our company, Michael O’Hare has been in the cold storage business providing clients with the perfect solution for their companies needs. We aspire to build the same type of relationship with you that you have built with your customers; as you know return business is the best business.

Accurate Refrigeration Design is committed to provide the highest quality components available, achieve excellence in engineering and customer satisfaction. Our company is dedicated to our clients and knows how busy they are with operating their business.

Some Completed Projects

Therefore we will engineer as much of your project as possible, steel building, insulated sub-floor if needed, insulated panels, cold storage doors and complete refrigeration systems as required. We will handle any problem that may arise during the expansion of you business. This will leave you with more time to build your customer base and grow your business.

Whether you have a large project or a small walk-in cooler or freezer we aim to satisfy our clients with the work we do and the product we supply. We know that if we satisfy you, as your company grows we will build our relationship and build more cold storage for you.