Delight Foods - Jersey City, NJ


Accurate Refrigeration Design built Delight Foods complete with cooler and freezer and doors. Dry storage the entire project was built with 4" and 5" insulated metal panels. exterior 24Ga. sandstone - inside 26Ga. imperial white / Greenspan panels with 1.5 million dollars. This project took 4 months to finish. Accurate Refrigeration Design completely designed all the freezer coolers, and dry storage. The refrigeration systems were designed with the correct product heat loads to be energy efficient, ultimately saving the customer money.

Accurate Refrigeration Design designed the entire floor plan to have a very efficient layout that allows the customer to receive and ship out produce and food that increased product inventory save money and have very clean distribution warehouse.

Delight Foods is extremely pleased with every detail, and that we took the time to discuss the job and get it correct the first time.