We will engineer and design to your specific requirements for indoor or outdoor applications. Panels are available with a Plastisol finish for wash down areas, Kynar exterior finish, stainless steel and other industrial finishes. Our complete refrigeration systems are designed with the highest energy efficiency available.

Continuous Line Panels for Cold Storage Warehouses

This panel is used for larger size projects such as refrigerated warehouses and also the perfect panel for custom projects such as processing facilities. The panels are interlocking tongue and groove with concealed fastener clips resulting in one continuous look which aids in flexibility of design. Panels are available in thickness from 2" to 6" with the standard being 4" and continuous lengths up to 48 feet. Available in different profiles and a choice of ten standard colors. The R-factor (thermal resistance) is 32 for a standard 4" thick panel.

Our Continuous Line Warehouse Panel Suppliers
Kingspan Metl-Span

Sub Floor Insulation:

If sub-floor insulation is required for your project, Accurate Refrigeration Design will supply you with insulation, vapor barrier or a frost relief system. Our sub-floor insulation is available in 40 to 100 psi and supplied by Owens Corning and Dow Chemical. We also have the ability to engineer and design the complete application that is required for your freezer project.

Frost Relief Systems:

Accurate Refrigeration Design can engineer, provide and install a frost relief system for your freezer. Here are three types of frost relief systems:

  1. Convective Air Systems utilize pitched PVC piping to allow air to flow under your freezer’s concrete slab to prevent heaving.
  2. Forced Air Systems utilize building air, fan powered to move air under your freezer floor.
  3. Glycol, Pex Tubing Sub-slab Warming System: this is the most common frost relief system for large freezers; we lay out redundant loops of tubing under your freezer to prevent heaving. The BTU’s required for this system can be generated using a small high efficiency boiler or heat reclaim off of your refrigeration system.

Steel Column Bearing Blocks:

Our column blocks are supplied by General Plastic Manufacturing Company. The blocks are a high-density rigid cellular polyurethane design for supporting heavy structural loads while providing a break in the pathway for the passage of thermal energy to (or from) a building interior to the supporting ground. The minimum compressive strength at 2% deflection is available from 1,000 psi to 1,800 psi. Because it is a polyurethane material, it will not rot or dissolve in sub-grade applications. It is inert, and will not promote the corrosion of steel components placed in contact with it and provides nothing for vermin or insects to feed upon.

Blocks are supplied cut to size, per customer specifications and can be provided with anchor-bolt holes pre-drilled, job-site placement of blocks are quick and easy.

Our Column Block Supplier
General Plastics